EX 2003 SMTP Connector Delivery Restrictions

  • From: "oliveaddict" <oliveaddict@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: exchangelist@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 12 May 2005 12:51:52 -0600


I am having trouble getting Exchange 2003 SMTP Connector Delivery
Restrictions to work.  I have edited the proper registry entries and
restarted the requisite services.  I even tried a reboot.  I am trying to
restrict certain users from using an SMTP Connector.  I am unable to add
Security Groups as an object into ESM, but can add individual Users and
Universal Distribution Lists.

These are the edited registry entries in

Added: CheckConnectorRestrictions REG_DWORD = 1 (hex)
Added: IgnoreRestrictionforNullDSN REG_DWORD = 1 (hex)

System information:
Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition SP 1
MS Exchange 2003 Version 2.6.7226.0 

The Exchange server is running in MIXED mode.  Do I need to set it to
Native? If so, can I run exchange in Native mode on a domain with a mixed
mode PDC/AD Server?

For testing purposes, I set Delivery Restrictions to reject all messages. 
I can still log into OWA and send mail out.  I only have one SMTP protocol
and one SMTP connector.

Does anyone have any advice on where to look next, or how I should go
about debugging this problem?  Any comments are appreciated.  Thank you.



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