E2K Relay in SBS2000

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  • Date: Thu, 13 Nov 2003 14:22:17 -0000

A friend of mine has implemented SBS2000 for his client. He connects to
the internet via a USB ADSL Modem hanging out of the back of the SBS
Server, connecting to UK ISP "Clara-net". A static IP has been allocated
and mail delivery to SBS is over SMTP (rather than POP3 collection).

Clara-net have recently terminated this client's internet access as they
have detected that the SBS/E2K Server is acting as an Open Relay. 

I went to visit the client on site, and checked out all E2K Settings -
all 'looked' ok, but Clara-net still insist that it is an Open Relay.

My own E2K sits behind a dedicated "SurfControl Email Filter" Server and
Cisco PIX, and Relaying has been configured correctly. But I am not sure
about locking down plain-old E2K so that it is not Open Relaying.

I have suggested to my friend that he considers a 3rd party mail gateway
(such as GFI etc), and a half decent firewall....

Failing that, does anyone have a definitive checklist of steps to ensure
that E2K is locked down in this respect?????

Many thanks in advance
Hemmings, Rob
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