Duplicate Mailboxes After 5.5 Migration (Long)

  • From: "Sean Winters" <sean@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: "[ExchangeList]" <exchangelist@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 26 Jun 2003 09:53:58 -0500

Can someone explain why the following might have happened?

Basic EX5.5 install. 3 servers in one org located in the same building.
SP4 on all EX servers, running on Win2K with up to date SPs and fixes.
Healthy in every way.

Installed new server with Win2K (once again current in patches, fixes,
etc). Ran forest and AD prep, ran NTDSATRB from SP3 and found a few
problems relating to DL security on PFs and DLs. Those were corrected
then EX2K was installed and service packed. A two-way CA (using SP3 ADC)
was established and everything propagated over last weekend. Three users
had their SMTP addresses deleted because it was missing in the AD before
the cutover - NBD - this was corrected, a force replication was issued,
and the problem was fixed.

Using ADU&C a move mailbox was issued for myself and three others
individually. This was done with the client (OL2K) shutdown. After the
move was complete a force replication was issued. The clients were
started and the MAPI profile updated automatically - no problems.
Feeling pretty good right about now.

Went to migrate my boss (CTO) and of course things went down the drain.
Same procedure was followed as before, shutdown client, issued move,
force rep, then client restarted. We received an error stating that he
didn't have permissions to hit the mailbox. Hmm. A check of SysMan on
the 2K server showed the mailbox as moved. A look at ExAdmin on his
original server showed the mailbox there as well. BUT it was very small
- around 3K where his original was over 100M. Test msg was sent to his
mailbox and delivered successfully but it went to the old (small)
mailbox on the original 5.5 server. All subsequent mail was delivered
there as well. ADU&C on the 2K server showed his mailbox was still on
the 5.5 server but obviously the bulk of the mail was still on the 2K
server. Using OWA on the 5.5 server showed mail delivered after the move
was issued. Using OWA on the 2K server showed only old mail.

Since the new store was small I ran a quick online backup of the 2K
server and the orphaned mailbox was tombstoned and able to be purged.
His data was restored from a PST file (thank you ExMerge!) to the valid
mailbox on the 5.5 server. 

Another attempt was made to move the mailbox using the same procedure
and it went w/o a hitch. He is now on the 2K server and everything is
going fine but now I am leery to move anyone else before I understand
why this happened and how it can be prevented in the future.

Thanks for any suggestions and for reading my novel...   :\


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