RE: Delivery Restriction based on Windows 2000 Gro up Policy

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This is a familiar scenario :)

What you may want to do before implementing any of this is make sure you
understand where restrictions are applied to be sure you are getting what
you're after.  Sounds like you do, but it never hurts to put in the

As for setting the setting, this is a per user setting.  I'm not aware of
this being set via GPO, but if it is that would be helpful.  It's an
attribute however:;EN-US;322679 for a
description of how to do it manually.

In your case, a script would be a helpful thing.  Basically you'd want to
enumerate all mailbox-enabled users in the OU and set the attribute with the
appropriate value based on your setting.  

If it can be done via GPO, that would be nice since it would allow for
enforcement.  Since this is a value in the attribute on the user object,
I've not seen a GPO that does this and have always resorted to using a
script to set the values.  Just a recurring script that checks if the value
is present and if so if it's not the same as the current version I want to
set it to, then I set it.


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Has anyone set different Delivery Restriction based on a Windows 2000 OU?
I work in the banking industry and our branches are connected with either
384K or T-1 lines and we have problems with users attempt to read messages
with large attachments 10-20MB. Our Exchange 2000 servers are centralized in
2 different locations. Branch employee's Windows 2000 accounts are organized
by location or branch so I would like to set a policy on the Active
Directory Organizational unit. The settings I would like to enfource is a
5MB message size limit on the 384K connected branches and 10MB limit on the
T-1 connected branches. I could set a limit based on the store itself, but I
have each store is set aside for each affiliate bank so it can get SMTP
addresses from the Recipient Policy.

Any suggestions on other ways of setting Delivery sending/receiving messages
limits based on a policy and not individually on each user.

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