RE: Can't login to Win2000 Server after uninst alling OWA

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I had an incident with 2kserver that was sort of like yours - I was locked
out at reboot, and ultimately had to rebuild the box.  I could not get in
via safe mode (if you CAN, then you are in a much better position than I
was) at all, no attempt to log into the box would work (I didn't even get
past the login prompt at all) and trying to reinstall 2k Server over the top
didn't help either.  After fighting with it for about 2 days, I realized
that I could totally rebuild it in about 4 hours, and did so.  :-)

At a certain point, the time spent fixing a problem exceeds the time spent
rebuilding and restoring data.


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Yes I do have a tape backup.  Have you seen a problem like this before?
What leads you to that conclusion?  There's got to be some other things I
can try before I resort to a rebuild right?  For instance, I havent yet
tried starting up in safe mode.  But when I do, and if I can get in that
way, then where do I look for the root of the problem (besides the event

Your suggestions are appreciated.


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