[ExchangeList] Re: Address Book email not updated after mailbox added

  • From: "Chris Wall" <Chris.Wall@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 23 Mar 2006 09:55:08 -0500

Based on this information, I assume the following two things:


1.      You are running in cached mode
2.      your Offline Address List is not updating as it should, even
after forcing it rebuild in Exchange System Manager


To verify, change your outlook profile to 'not' run in cached mode.
Re-open outlook and browse your Global Address List for this person.
Verify that you now see your changes.  If you see the changes, I would
recommend that you create a new Offline Address List (a completely
separate one).  Then assign this new Offline Address List to your
Mailbox Stores in system manager.  Allow time for the new OAL to be
updated then set your profile back to cached mode.  Update/download the
new OAL and test that his settings now appear.


I all too often have issues with the OAL not updating as it should.
After several issues with this, and contacting Microsoft Support, even
they recommend deleting the old OAL and creating a new one...  What a
pain, right?


Another option you have, as posted earlier this week, there is a
registry edit that prevent 'Cached' outlook users to use the live
Address List instead of pointing to the Offline Address List.





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Subject: [ExchangeList] Address Book email not updated after mailbox


I had an AD user that had a custom, external email address. His boss
wanted him to have an email address internally, so I removed the address
and all Exchange attributes. I then added a mailbox, and thought all was
well. It seems like I can send to him, but if I open his user in
Outlook's address book, the email tab still only shows his old external
email. I waited a whole day and it still hasn't updated. The user in AD
shows the internal emails only. I don't know how to remedy. I tried
updating the recipient update services, as well as rebuilding them and
same with the offline address list. Help????








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