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Hello! I'd like to recommend a book I just finished reading. It is called 
"Grains of Sand - The Fall of Neve Dekalim" by Shifra Shomron who wrote it 
as a high school teen. The book talks about a family's life in Gush Katif 
and the events leading up to the expulsion as seen through a high school 
student who has the regular worries such as bagrut exams on her mind, as 
well as the unknown regarding her home and community.

I was highly impressed by the descriptive writing and found the book very 
poignant. Politics aside, this was a very major event in our country's 
recent history, and I think that good 4-5 pointers (and any English 
speaker!) would enjoy reading this book which puts a very personal face on 
the destruction of the Gush Katif settlements. I am asking our school 
library to purchase it as it is excellent reading and I believe will 
interest our pupils.

I am NOT getting a commision for writing this recommendation! I simply live 
very close to Gaza and had many friends and relatives affected by this 
event. And, I am always on the lookout for books that might interest my 
pupils for external reading and this is one you should check out. It might 
even motivate someone else to write a book since Shifra was apparently in 
high school when she began writing this book and finished it when just 19.

Esther Revivo
Ulpanat Tzvia

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