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Subject: answers about 666/.777

To Kobi and all who wanted to know about the answers I received

(  I know how I catch my kids who cheat but I wondered with loads of papers
from different schools  how the markers did it!!!   )

(BTW I just realized that originally 2 letters were sent to ETNI- one saying
that the code for cheating is 666 ,the other that 777 is for cheating!!!!)

Also I just saw a report on FOX(?) or was it CBS that reported on  USA Net
sites which demonstrate methosds on how to cheat!!!!

              Here is the answer I got from Judith Astary ( I apologize to
all the other kiind markers who answered me but I deleted your letters.This
one I got later......)
To answer your question .....
   Yes, each batch (mana) contains the
tests of students who sat together in the same classroom. The batches may
range in number from 1 to 48 (which is quite unusual). the average batch is
between 15 and 20.

Cheating is quite easy to detect but not always can a marker register a
complaint against the offending party. The first sign would be discrepancies
between girsa A and girsa B on the multiple choice questions. In order to
register a complaint a student must have a previously agreed upon number of
the "wrong girsa" answers: say 7 out of 9 in a certain module or all the MC
answers in another (with less of that type of question).

Other instances of cheating range from an examiner detecting two students
(or more!) with the identical yet not "run-of-the mill) mistake in a certain
question / certain questions. Or the right answer to the wrong question OR
identical spelling mistakes (and I do not refer to the "then/than" common
mistake). A sudden drastic change in handwriting may also be suspect.
Questionable cases receive more than one scrutiny. These are the most common
occurences tho there are other cases.

Judith Astary

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