[esnr] Troubles posting to the list, Failure notice?

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Title: Troubles posting to the list, Failure notice?
Dear list-mates,

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Obligatory nugget of Science, EEG analysis:

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From: Dr. Tyl [mailto:tyl@xxxxxxxxx]
1. I think independent Euro association is necessary for the dealing inside the EU frame - certifications, the acceptation by national professional societies a.s.
2. in the same time, the association with American Founding Fathers should be kept firm and vivid
3. I understand your move to Science, necessary for gaining the respect etc.
However, in the umbrella association has to be the space for grass-root practitioners, without any scientific ambitions - accepting, homely space - not to make them afraid of the big, yet clod Science they do not belong to.
Otherwise we could lose the membership from the field.
Please keep it mind, Herr Professor :))
Jiri Tyl
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> From: "Dr. Tyl" <tyl@xxxxxxxxx>
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> Dear John,
> In my opinion, the moves the committee takes to European association =
> were openly discussed and recommended by many to the committee's =
> negotiation mandate at e-ISNR meeting in March.
> I hold the trust to the committee we elected it does the steps in the =
> interest of European professionals.
> Cordially,
> Jiri Tyl
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> Dr. Jiri Tyl, Clinical Psychologist
> Professor, University of New York/Prague
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