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  • Date: Wed, 16 Jun 2004 22:15:48 +0100

Hi all,

I am new to the ESNR and it was a big surprise getting mails proposing a
separation from the iSNR from the US.

I have to say that over here in Portugal there are very very few people working
in neurofeedback but we have lots of neuropsychologists who just do avaliation.
This leaves those who go through the process of finding out what goes on with
them very unhappy as nothing else happens in terms of intervention, such as
neurofeedback. I think something similar (not as much) happens in the US. 
Nevertheless there has been a move, especially within the APA's 40th Division, 
to change this and provide training and research in terms of intervention in 

This leaves one question regarding separation. Do we have in Europe enough
PhDs, research, teaching information and people to train these new areas
in neuropsychology and neurofeedback as in the US they are just starting?
As pointed out by Jiri Tyl, we need people to take time and run this new
'arm'of SNR. But we also need enough people to stuff those Committees, and
these have to have not just practice experience but also research and
teaching experience. For the last 5 years I have been teaching and researching
in Psychophysiology but just 3 in Neuropsychology. I feel that I still have too
much to learn and research in particular in Neuropsychology and Neurofeedback.
Do we, in the ESNR, feel that we can cope with this questions? If yes I am
1000% in favour of having our own "house". Otherwise, let's us keep together and
do our best to find out how we can provide a better service and know more about 
that still strange "world" called the brain.
Jorge Alvoeiro.


Prof. Dr. Jorge Alvoeiro,PhD,Hull,UK


ISEIT-Instituto Piaget

Estrada do Alto do Gaio

3515-776 Lordosa



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