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  • Date: Tue, 3 Aug 2004 18:38:15 +0200

Dear Marco,
Congratulations Marco, enjoy the pleasure of it!
Met vriendelijke groet/All the best/Ciao,

Berrie Gerrits

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  Subject: [esnr] Good Publication in Neurofeedback

    Hello Ladies and Gentlemen,

     I am very glad to announce that the paper "Low-Resolution
    Electromagnetic Tomography Neurofeedback" by myself, Dr. Joel Lubar, and 
David Joffe (from Lexicor Medical Technology) has been accepted for publication 
in "IEEE in Transactions on Neural Systems & Rehabilitation Engineering", a 
prestigious journal specialized in Brain-Computer Interface.

    This publication is very important not only for LORETA Neurofeedback, but 
for the whole Neurofeedback field, since it marks the acceptance of the 
EEG-based Neurofeedback in the Engineering Scientific community. Even more 
important, this is a step toward the merging of Neurofeedback and 
Brain-Computer Interface, a topic that I will cover extensively in my Keynote 
Address at next iSNR conference in Ft. Lauderdale.

    I will keep doing my best to bring the Neurofeedback to the top of the 
scientific consideration and attention.

    Best Regards,

    Marco Congedo

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