[Enzo] Day 69 report - First full day at home

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  • Date: Thu, 19 Jun 2014 22:44:23 -0700

Enzo had a great day at home. 


Today started out slowly after a long night of adjusting to life outside of
the NICU. All told, Enzo did great when he wasn't in pain from tummy
troubles. Today was the first day in over two months where we didn't need to
drive 45 minutes to the NICU. We all stayed in bed until it was time for his
8 a.m. bottle. Such luxury! 


Enzo is doing great with his new environs and took right away to his new
silicone bottles, even when the nipples were filled with nasty poly-vi-sol



We spent most of the day puttering around the house and trying to get back
into a kind of routine. At times, Enzo would be pretty fussy, from the gas
pains or maybe just the silence, so Kelly got to try out her Nesting Days
carrier. It worked like a charm! See if you can spot the baby:



Mid-afternoon found us packing our diaper bag and heading out to Enzo's
first pediatrician appointment with Stephen Wright. We couldn't have been
more pleased with him. Enzo thought that the scale could have been a bit
warmer though:



Weighing in at just shy of 6 lbs 1 oz. is outstanding for our little guy. He
even ate a full bottle while we were in the office just to show off. 


We mentioned to Dr. Wright about the lack of poop lately, and he said that
he wasn't concerned yet. It turns out he was absolutely right. During Enzo's
next meal at 8 p.m., he filled up a diaper for us. pee-YOO!


All in all, an outstanding end to a first full day on the outside. We look
forward to many more like it. 




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