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  This is an opportunity that may interest somebody.  Remember to go out
and vote for the ENSU elections and UTERN levy next week!



Date: Wed, 19 Mar 2003 22:13:56 -0500
From: Erez Sussman <funkunited@xxxxxxxxxxx>
To: funkunited@xxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: Environmental speakers wanted

To whom it may concern,

        My name is Erez Sussman, and I am currently in my final year at
Lyon Mackenzie High School in Toronto. In conjunction with my school?s
environmental club, I am preparing a lecture series to run from now until
the end of the school year. The goal is to educate staff and students about
issues relating to the environment from diverse perspectives, such as the
environment in art, to ecological concerns raised by business practices.
Based on the presentation, we will be able to tailor the audience attending
by reaching out to different school departments, such as geography, science,
or computers. Additionally, many teachers are interested in using these
seminars as a part of their curriculum, so we may prepare class assignments
based on the various speakers.

        This letter is going out to many different people and groups, whom I
discovered in one way or another, either by family, friends, internet
searches, environmental club contacts, or teachers, so I apologize for its
general tone. The reason you are receiving this letter is because I would
like you, or a representative of your organization if that is the case, to
be a speaker for one day in our series. If you choose to participate, you
will be required simply to deliver a presentation, preferably interactive,
to a small audience of students and teachers about a topic of your choice,
in your area of expertise. Each presentation is expected to take up to one
hour, although more time can be made available if necessary. If you are
interested and do not understand in the least what it is I am asking, please
contact me. Here are some quick example topics that may help you get a feel
of what we are looking for: the effect of the Kyoto Protocol on the economy,
the Oak Ridges Moraine, human benefits of a healthy environment
(psychological/physiological), Canada?s natural legacy and heritage,
biological impacts of industrial waste, international environmental
movements, activism, Native issues and land rights, biospheres.

        I would appreciate a response as soon as possible, so please send me
email at funkunited@xxxxxxxxxxx or call me at 416-638-0207. The sooner the

Erez Sussman

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