Re: gtk3 segfaults

  • From: <tpgww@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: emelfm2@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 4 Oct 2013 14:53:35 +1000

On Thu, 3 Oct 2013 16:40:34 +0400
Serge <omoikane@xxxxx> wrote:

> On Thu, 3 Oct 2013 04:45:03 +0400
> Serge <omoikane@xxxxx> wrote:
> gtk3 emelfm2 is segfaultung sometimes when pressing copy/move/mkdir on
> task toolbar. Latest segfault from dmesg, when pressing mkdir button:
> "[37328.790717] emelfm2[5543]: segfault at 1 ip 00007f30a20a93af sp
> 00007f308d430220 error 4 in[7f30a2045000+f5000]"

Serge, I see from your other post that you're ok to build and run with DEBUG 

Can you please post some debug messages generated around the time of one of 
your crashes. Or better, a couple of examples.


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