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  • Date: Sat, 3 Sep 2011 11:41:15 -0400 (EDT)

If u wanted a sleeper,(I think that's what you said) go with the GTO and  
remove all the GTO names. It will look like all other cars but can kick  
their............ Good bang for the buck.
 The Impala is way to heavy for its power plant, a common  complaint  among 
owners. A few were successful with a big block  transplant install in it. 
Could look the sleeper part, and  roomy but............ IMO not worth the 
To find the perfect sleeper, find out what car is most popular in  your 
area, stuff the most HP in it you can, Then you will blend in.
Other good thing about a sleeper is it doesn't attract police  eyes. 
Until they stop you. 
Smokey Mt Frank
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chris@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx writes:

The GTO,  as a rebadged 3rd generation Monaro, had '90s jelly-bean styling 
because it  was designed in the '90s.  
(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Holden_Monaro)   Also the  independent 
rear suspension is a liability.

If I were looking for a 4  seat sports car in the $10K range I'd buy a '05 
or newer Mustang GT...  although it doesn't fit your 
"not-in-everyone's-garage" criteria... probably a  lot of fun though.  It would 
be the most modern 
sports car you can buy in  that price range.

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