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  • From: Saul Marsh <saulmarsh72@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 29 Aug 2011 20:50:53 -0700 (PDT)

Wow, I posted the e-mail below way back in Nov 2009?  After writing that 
e-mail, I purchased a window roller from ecparts.net for $25 or so.  But it 
wasn't until last weekend that I finally got around to installing it.  Turned 
out to be much easier than I thought.  Everything is easier AFTER I do it the 
first time.

We had a car show in town last weekend.  I put the door panel and window 
mechanism of Clustertruck back together for the first time in years.  Then I 
grabbed my "For Sale" sign, and parked in a very visible spot near Black Top 
Nationals (attracts approximately 100,000 people each year).   Still not a 
single phone call.  That ugly paint work is definitely a sales killer.  I still 
wish I could keep Clustertruck, but the longer I have it, the less interested I 
am in doing all the projects I originally had in my head for it.  I will do one 
of the following:

a.  stick parts on it here and there so that maybe I can drive it a little this 
fall/winter, and keep the for sale sign in the window
b.  put it on ebay with a very low minimum bid 
c.  donate it somewhere
d.  ?

Anyway, the car show was a great experience.  Probably a few gearheads on this 
list who are used to going to car shows, but they're a little bit of a novelty 
for me.  This is the first one that I've gotten to enjoy with my son, now that 
he is old enough to spend a few hours there and not complain.  I brought a 
wagon for him to ride....smart move, and one I couldn't have done without an El 
Camino to carry the wagon downtown!

One of the cars on display was a '76 El Camino.  I usually prefer factory cars 
to custom jobs like the one in the photo, but this one was nice.  I even liked 
the custom hood (had a hand-made scoop on it shaped similar to the eagle decal 
on the late '70's Trans Am.  Sorry I didn't photograph the hood.

'76 GMC Sprint
'73 GMC Sprint "Clustertruck"


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Subject: [elky] Re: Fw: Broken window roller

> Thanks Robert.  I'm gonna check with ecparts.net for the moment, but 
> hopefully will be removing the old one soon if they don't have one on hand.  
> My existing window roller literally crumbled.  I didn't know they could do 
> that.  And to think, the airplanes that I work on are 15 years older than my 
> Sprint!
> By the way, here's the stuff going on:
>     1.  Inner door panels for my Sprint have been sitting in my garage for a 
>long time now...taking up space.
>     2.  I have inherited a very nice set of tool boxes from my Dad, but I 
>don't have keys for them, so that'll be my next errand.
>     3.  Need to clean the garage to make room for the tool boxes.
>    3.  Don't want to buy any new tools til I open up the old tool boxes.  
>Although would be nice to get an inspection mirror and whatever tool I need to 
>remove the existing window roller.
> One of these days soon I will have a nice, organized garage.  This has been 
> long overdue.
> Saul

              The one at EC parts is really over priced. IIRC there is still an 
aftermarket roller available for just a few $. Will look up and shoot you the 
info when I get a chance. You also need a tool to put it on as it's like a 

                       Robert Adams 

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