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A paint job would definitely help.  But I'd at least have to sand off the bondo 
and try to cover up some of the rust.  I've been too lazy to do that the whole 
time I've had the car :)

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 each project adds to your knowledge.  

Perhaps a $299 paint job on the sprint will entice a buyer?  The old
    Resale Red?  Did you have a price on your sign?  Hard to sell much
    right now, but the anything will sell if the price is right.  As our
    wise leader once said, "there's an ass for every seat."

that is a really nice elky in the photo; cute kid, too.  

We were looking at a louvered hood at the car show Saturday and
    thought that would be nice for Sprint.  It wasn't totally louvered,
    just two smaller areas at the top.  ("tasteful"). 

so next time you see it, snap one of the hood.  Wait - wasn't there
    some with decals on them (el Diablo types?).  


Wow, I posted the e-mail below way back in Nov 2009?  After writing that 
e-mail, I purchased a window roller from ecparts.net for $25 or so.  But it 
wasn't until last weekend that I finally got around to installing it.  Turned 
out to be much easier than I thought.  Everything is easier AFTER I do it the 
first time.
>We had a car show in town last weekend.  I put the door panel and window 
>mechanism of Clustertruck back together for the first time in years.  Then I 
>grabbed my "For Sale" sign, and parked in a very visible spot near Black Top 
>Nationals (attracts approximately 100,000 people each year).   Still not a 
>single phone call.  That ugly paint work is definitely a sales killer.  I 
>still wish I could keep Clustertruck, but the longer I have it, the less 
>interested I am in doing all the projects I originally had in my head for it. 
> I will do one of the following:
>a.  stick parts on it here and there so that maybe I can drive it a little 
>this fall/winter, and keep the for sale sign in the window
>b.  put it on ebay with a very low minimum bid 
>c.  donate it somewhere
>d.  ?
>Anyway, the car show was a great experience.  Probably a few gearheads on this 
>list who are used to going to car shows, but they're a little bit of a novelty 
>for me.  This is the first one that I've gotten to enjoy with my son, now that 
>he is old enough to spend a few hours there and not complain.  I brought a 
>wagon for him to ride....smart move, and one I couldn't have done without an 
>El Camino to carry the wagon downtown!
>One of the cars on display was a '76 El Camino.  I usually prefer factory cars 
>to custom jobs like the one in the photo, but this one was nice.  I even liked 
>the custom hood (had a hand-made scoop on it shaped similar to the eagle decal 
>on the late '70's Trans Am.  Sorry I didn't photograph the hood.
>'76 GMC Sprint
>'73 GMC Sprint "Clustertruck"
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>Subject: [elky] Re: Fw: Broken window roller
>> Thanks Robert.  I'm gonna check with ecparts.net for
            the moment, but hopefully will be removing the old one soon
            if they don't have one on hand.  My existing window roller
            literally crumbled.  I didn't know they could do that.  And
            to think, the airplanes that I work on are 15 years older
            than my Sprint!
>> By the way, here's the stuff going on:
>>    1.  Inner door panels for my Sprint have been
            sitting in my garage for a long time now...taking up space.
>>    2.  I have inherited a very nice set of tool boxes
            from my Dad, but I don't have keys for them, so that'll be
            my next errand.
>>    3.  Need to clean the garage to make room for the
            tool boxes.
>>    3.  Don't want to buy any new tools til I open up
            the old tool boxes.  Although would be nice to get an
            inspection mirror and whatever tool I need to remove the
            existing window roller.
>> One of these days soon I will have a nice, organized
            garage.  This has been long overdue.
>> Saul
>              The one at EC parts is really over priced.
            IIRC there is still an aftermarket roller available for just
            a few $. Will look up and shoot you the info when I get a
            chance. You also need a tool to put it on as it's like a
>                      Robert Adams 
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