[elky] Re: USPS was Murphy's Law

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  • Date: Tue, 13 Apr 2010 09:30:54 EDT

After I retired, 29 days, the PO offered 15G to leave. Now the  offer is 
25G. I can't win. Sigh. The union didn't see it coming.
-Smoky Mt Frank-

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jryan@xxxxxxxxxxxx writes:

The USPS has features both of a private corporation and of a government  
entity.  While it can in many ways act as a corporation (it can issue  debt to 
raise capital, to give one example), the aspect of being a government  
entity limits it.  A perfect example is that it could save money by  closing 
some little-used or redundant post offices.  Well, no senator or  
representative wants to lose a post office in his/her district, so any time  
this is 
mentioned, some member of Congress threatens to hold hearings on the  act that 
privatized the USPS (in effect, leading to making it fully  government-run 
again).  It's really in a no-win situation, because it  isn't truly free to 
compete with FedEx and UPS.

On Apr 13, 2010, at 7:59 AM, Chris Lindh wrote:

It's hard to believe with the boom in internet sales  that USPS is hurting, 
but I guess the other carriers have reaped more of the  rewards?  Like you 
say, the vast majority of the business must be first  class, and less people 
are mailing letters, cards, plus you have online bill  pay.

USPS has been an integral part of my business.  Most  businesses in my 
industry won't ship USPS, so customers don't have a  low-cost shipping option.  
Plus the free boxes... I use a lot of free  boxes...

On Tue, Apr 13, 2010 at 7:42 AM, <_STILLFRANKSFAULT@xxxxxxxx 
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Yeah, I heard that. Well .............. my two cents  .......... Technology 
is changing so fast that the Post Office, as we know  it, is obsolete. They 
are not diversified, and as the way of the dinosaur,  natural selection has 
sealed it's fate.  
    I forecast that it will go to  privatization, and loose the monopoly on 
first class mail. They (the  powers in charge) have been trashing the image 
of the PO for years so that  when privatization came the public would not 
cry to save it. Now the PO is  going down due to an extreme drop in amount of 
mail. It has supported  itself entirely on stamp sales, now that has dried 
up, and no rain in  sight. 
     The Post office is in it's  final days. I got out just in time. The 
only ones that will shed a  tear are the employees.  
-Smoky Mt  Frank-

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LOL  .... Ya hear that Frank?  


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Yeah.  The USPS hasn't been the same since  Frank left.


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