[elky] Re: Sprint in the shop

  • From: Brian M <ctsvmongo@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: elky@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 23 Sep 2011 06:46:17 -0500

I agree completely, I hate taking my cars to mechanics and dealers so much
I've actually sold or traded cars because I didn't want to deal with the
issues.  It's not sometimes you have a poor experience with a huge bill, but
everytime.  Honestly I can't figure out where these people come from.  My
new 2500 mile crv has been in the shop 3 times to have the same seat fixed.
I've scheduled it back twice since that third time and cancelled bot of
those times knowing it wasn't worth trying anymore.
They can never find the problem, never fix the issue, and don't give a Damn
about you or your car.
My first experience with one, took the Chevelle in to have it dyno tuned, I
guess at 16 it was my ignorance!  Dyno tuned meant turning the screws on the
carb until it ran better.  No cap, rotors, plugs, nothing.  Dad and grandpa
had said they thought that would have meant a tune up with diagnostics
check.  They told me they couldn't get a good read on my timing so they
couldn't dial that in.   Little did they know the carb was junk and those
screws did nothing, but I was the one that was screwed.

I need one of those GOOD mechanics in Omaha!
On Sep 20, 2011 8:44 PM, "John Christensen" <johncgg@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> One of the last times I took the El Camino to a repair shop for anything,
> decided my time was worth more than $45 for a tune up. That was pre-header
> days.... now it's about an hour and a half, or $75 of my time. Anyway, I
> paid the $45, and got the plugs changed. That was it. It was a Computer
> controlled carb, and they didn't do anything to that. When I opened the
> distibutor cap, because it looked like the same one, the center carbon
> electrode had broken in half, and fell out. Obviously, the tune up didn't
> include a cap and rotor.
> I was so pissed, I don't take anything to a mechanic any more, unless,
> reading about the procedure, I don't have the tools, or I have potential
> do serious damage if I screw it up (Like timing belts on the
> I paid for that).
> I may farm out the A/C, but only after I can find the right parts to put
> hoses back on. There are missing parts after the conversion to serpentine.
> found one on eBay for about $80, after I spent 20 for one at a junk yard
> that ended up having holes in it.
> I have been putting off the body mount project I am in the middle of for
> literally YEARS. Now I have to weld on it to get it back in shape, but the
> welder arrived today. It came with everything to use the CO2/Argon, except
> the tank. Before I spend the money right now.... on the setting inside the
> welder, it says to use heavier flux core for the 1/4" steel. That would
> no gas. Should I spring for the wire and hold off on the gas for the
> moment? Anyone with welding experience out there???
> Get a Edelbrock carb from Chris and bolt it on yourself Saul. It was a
> of cake when I did it, changing from the computer to non. I had to change
> the distributor too, and you won't have to do that. 4 bolts and linkages,
> and you will be home free for 2 or 300 I think.
> Check it out!
> JC
> On Tue, Sep 20, 2011 at 8:12 PM, Saul Marsh <saulmarsh72@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> Hello all,
>> Been two weeks since I sold Clustertruck, and I don't miss it as much as
>> thought I would. We've had some nice days that would have been great for
>> working on cars, so if I feel like picking up a wrench I'm just gonna
>> to do maintenance on my new Sprint or work on the lawn mower or
>> Anyway, the new Sprint (the '76 I bought in May) is in the shop, and I
>> remember why I don't like bringing cars to a mechanic. Just expensive. My
>> intent was for the guy to rebuild the VIR in the A/C system, just like he
>> had recently done to his own '76 El Camino. However, he found a few more
>> problems and it looks like I'll be getting those fixed instead. The
>> carburetor has a fitting that leaks and won't tighten, and might need to
>> replaced with a rebuilt carb. I thought the car smelled awfully bad of
>> fuel, but Clustertruck smelled even worse so I just assumed that smelly
>> is something you lived with when you drive a '70's carbureted car.
>> Apparently not the case. I hope this helps. I also will be getting an A/C
>> hose replaced, the system evacuated, and refilled with R-12. But I'm not
>> quite clear on whether this means I'll be getting nice cold A/C again (of
>> course....right as the temps have dropped where I don't need it anyway).
>> The mechanic said the windshield defrosting in the winter could be
>> if the A/C system gets too dry. I don't know. If I had more time I'd read
>> up on it in my repair manual. For now I'm taking the guy for his word,
>> realizing it will be a little bit of time for me to save up money before
>> next repair (whatever that may be). Right now, the only thing wrong with
>> the car is that the "ice cold" A/C is at best mediocre. When I drove it
>> our triple digit heat this summer, I ended up smelling bad due to sweat,
>> top of smelling bad due to a leaky carb.
>> And I took the bus home today, while I leave the Sprint at the repair
>> It took an hour and a half for my normal 25-minute commute. Would love to
>> take the bus more often, but that's just too much time.
>> Anyway, that's all for now.
>> Saul
>> '76 GMC Sprint

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