[elky] Re: Saturday race car progress

  • From: Mary McCarthy <printces@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: elky@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sat, 03 Sep 2011 18:55:40 -0700

all good.

I saw the coolest car today at the annual Cruise to the country. It was a 1909 Sears. It came in a crate and you put it together. Both rear wheels ran off huge bicycle chains. Saw a lot of cool cars (the Dusenburg is always significant) but that one stands out. Photos when I figure out how to reduce them.

Sky is orange with brownish/yellow smoke from Oregon fires.  strange.


No photos (cuz I'm tired and lazy) but we did ok today. Finished installing the electric brakes, except for the wiring. Rewired the trailer lights, except for the brakes. That included fixing one of the taillights and getting a new lens on it. Jim's bringing some more wire tomorrow to keep the color correct for trailer convention.

Jim got the battery box hold-down drilled and tapped (I'd broken a bolt off in it...duh) while I got the shift light correctly mounted and ran a switch to the power circuit for the GPS (we'll use that on the initial run to calibrate speed.)

I had to re-do one of the anodized fittings on the fuel hose, but that's all taken care of. I also finished up tidying the wiring distribution panel and got the lid on it. Ohh...and I fixed an issue with the alternator belt and re-adjusted it.

A good day, all in all.


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