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You got my interest up, and I found this:


John Christensen
Saint Charles, IL

On Fri, Sep 25, 2009 at 7:09 AM, Mongar, Brian <Brian.Mongar@xxxxxxxxxxx>wrote:

> That's fast!  Just yesterday a friend at the office brought me a picture of
> the new record breaking Shelby Ultimate Aero, the fastest production car in
> the world.  With 1183 hp, it reached a top speed of 255 mph and came to a
> complete stop 2 miles short of the distance it took for the Bughatti Veron
> to reach its previous record holding speed of 248.
> That too is fast, and quick!
> Neither of which I can afford, and don't want to evwn think about
> maintenace ;)
> Nice shots Ray
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> Subject: [elky] OT: a new world's fastest motorcycle
> Photos:  Coming, Going, Gone....in 15 seconds.  New flying mile and
> kilometer FIM record:  Mile: 367.382, Kilo: 367.558.  Top speed
> (calculated): over  380 mph.  Raised the bar by 7 mph over the record
> set last year by Ricky Robinson on the Ack Attack owned by Mike Akatiff.
> The new record holder is the BUB 7 owned, designed and built by
> Dennis Manning; driven/ridden by Chris Carr...a real nice guy....but
> so's Robinson.  BUB (which stands for Big Ugly Bastard, Manning's
> name for himself) will probably see an attack from the Ack Attack at
> World finals next month.
> For the photographically inclined, the photos were shot with a Canon
> 40D and a Canon L series 100-400mm zoom (btw, Marvin, I found your
> Pentax zoom) extended all the way out to 400, camera set to aperture
> priority at f14.  That resulted in a shutter speed of 1/1000th of a
> second...slow enough to stop a hummingbird's wings...but not fast
> enough to overcome the panning blur at 370 mph.
> Here's a small group of photos I slapped on my web server last night:
> http://www.chevyasylum.com/lsr/bsf2009/shootout/Welcome.html  For
> grins, the snowmobile on the icon which was called the G-Force One
> may be renamed "The Saltmobile."  Those guys from Quebec may not
> speak real good English and my French (Moroccan dialect) is covered
> in about 40 years of disuse...but the bought enough prints...well,
> they ran me out of paper and ink yesterday and today's record by BUB
> ran me out of ink on the backup printer.  Sheesh!!!  I never dreamed!
> I should be heading back home tomorrow night (I'm in the Hotel
> Suburbia at Jackrabbit flats) on a cell modem and otta be asleep by
> now...but I'm not quite there yet.  I gotta get up before dawn to
> cover 2 different liner attempts.  One is a diesel liner (the one
> that burned last year and cost the owner most of his fingertips)
> that's out to take the record from JCB in the UK.  The JCB liner has
> dual motors and a huge budget.  The Mormon Missile is a homebuilt
> single-engined machine with far less money behind it.  Here's last
> year's story on that one:
> http://www.chevyasylum.com/lsr/bsf2008/shootout/missile/Welcome.html
> Finally, here's the thread of our live and direct forumcast:
> http://www.landracing.com/forum/index.php/topic,6381.0.html
> Ohhh...the Missile is gonna give it one more shot with direct drive
> cuz they broke the clutch.  So did the Buckeye Bullet, but I heard
> 'em say over the radio, "That's ok, we have a spare in the pits."
> Gonna be interesting...but I'm outta the printing business cuz I'm
> outta glossy paper and ink in the SECOND printer...so I'll just shoot
> and comment and take orders for CDs of the whole event.  Cheap...$200
> per team, $750 for the whole meet.
> G'nite,
> Ray
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