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Wow!  Doesn't look much like a Cobra or Mustang, does it?

I wonder when we'll see one out here on the salt. I can guarantee that it won't go as fast as it would on pavement. I predict 225 mph if they try it here, quite a bit less if they don't get some skinny tires on it.

The photo is the OSU Buckeye Bullet...just ran this morning and missed its goal (300) by a gnat's ass. They're gonna try again today...but the meet's coming to an end...they're already picking up cones and packing up easyups. Should be back home before dark...I hope. I'm toast and I gotta at least do some laundry before World Finals, starting on the 6th of October. I think I'll do a motel for that one. The camping is fine, but it's getting a bit nippy (with all respect to our oriental brethren) at night.


At 07:07 AM 9/25/2009, you wrote:
You got my interest up, and I found this:

John Christensen
Saint Charles, IL

On Fri, Sep 25, 2009 at 7:09 AM, Mongar, Brian <<mailto:Brian.Mongar@xxxxxxxxxxx>Brian.Mongar@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote: That's fast! Just yesterday a friend at the office brought me a picture of the new record breaking Shelby Ultimate Aero, the fastest production car in the world. With 1183 hp, it reached a top speed of 255 mph and came to a complete stop 2 miles short of the distance it took for the Bughatti Veron to reach its previous record holding speed of 248.
That too is fast, and quick!
Neither of which I can afford, and don't want to evwn think about maintenace ;)
Nice shots Ray
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Photos:  Coming, Going, Gone....in 15 seconds.  New flying mile and
kilometer FIM record:  Mile: 367.382, Kilo: 367.558.  Top speed
(calculated): over  380 mph.  Raised the bar by 7 mph over the record
set last year by Ricky Robinson on the Ack Attack owned by Mike Akatiff.
The new record holder is the BUB 7 owned, designed and built by
Dennis Manning; driven/ridden by Chris Carr...a real nice guy....but
so's Robinson.  BUB (which stands for Big Ugly Bastard, Manning's
name for himself) will probably see an attack from the Ack Attack at
World finals next month.
For the photographically inclined, the photos were shot with a Canon
40D and a Canon L series 100-400mm zoom (btw, Marvin, I found your
Pentax zoom) extended all the way out to 400, camera set to aperture
priority at f14.  That resulted in a shutter speed of 1/1000th of a
second...slow enough to stop a hummingbird's wings...but not fast
enough to overcome the panning blur at 370 mph.
Here's a small group of photos I slapped on my web server last night:
<http://www.chevyasylum.com/lsr/bsf2009/shootout/Welcome.html>http://www.chevyasylum.com/lsr/bsf2009/shootout/Welcome.html For
grins, the snowmobile on the icon which was called the G-Force One
may be renamed "The Saltmobile."  Those guys from Quebec may not
speak real good English and my French (Moroccan dialect) is covered
in about 40 years of disuse...but the bought enough prints...well,
they ran me out of paper and ink yesterday and today's record by BUB
ran me out of ink on the backup printer.  Sheesh!!!  I never dreamed!
I should be heading back home tomorrow night (I'm in the Hotel
Suburbia at Jackrabbit flats) on a cell modem and otta be asleep by
now...but I'm not quite there yet.  I gotta get up before dawn to
cover 2 different liner attempts.  One is a diesel liner (the one
that burned last year and cost the owner most of his fingertips)
that's out to take the record from JCB in the UK.  The JCB liner has
dual motors and a huge budget.  The Mormon Missile is a homebuilt
single-engined machine with far less money behind it.  Here's last
year's story on that one:
Finally, here's the thread of our live and direct forumcast:
Ohhh...the Missile is gonna give it one more shot with direct drive
cuz they broke the clutch.  So did the Buckeye Bullet, but I heard
'em say over the radio, "That's ok, we have a spare in the pits."
Gonna be interesting...but I'm outta the printing business cuz I'm
outta glossy paper and ink in the SECOND printer...so I'll just shoot
and comment and take orders for CDs of the whole event.  Cheap...$200
per team, $750 for the whole meet.

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