[elky] Re: Any changes to your "automotive family" soon?

  • From: Robert Adams <elcam84@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: elky@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 29 Mar 2011 10:00:09 -0500

                Well Caprices are far and few between here and when you do
find they are totally trashed out. It would make more sense to put $ into
the 93 than it would to get an older caprice. With a 3.8 swap I can get
mileage in the 30s and way more power but the interior and exterior plastic
is decintegrating and non replaceable. The only thing that makes sense for
me for reliability mileage etc is something newer and would have to be an
SUV or truck.

                   And unfortunately Ford is about the only one that has
made a decent variation of sizes of them. The 00 exploder i was working on
for a friend actually drove well and ride well. My only major complaint was
the seat sucks. It's too low to the floor, doesn't slide back far enough and
is not comfortable. But that can be replaced. It was the OHV 6cyl and had
adequate power considering it had over 100K and was getting mid 20s for
mileage around town when I was driving it. He was getting ready to sell it.
I should have really thought about it while I had it as I could have gotten
it for 2K and was pretty nice. Just needed a few little interior things
done. Only drivability thing I would have added would be a big rear sway

               The other thing about the SUVs is they are easier to get in
and out of and easier to load unload cause they are taller. And I don't
whack my head on the tailgate when loading it too. The problem I have with a
few SUVs is that the rear window doesn't open. That's pretty much a deal
killer cause you can't carry long items.

               Have looked at trailblazers and they are Ok. Have also looked
in the past at the LT1 caprices and while Ok they actually have a smaller
cargo area than the 93 century due to the floor being real high in the back.
Nothing really fits what I need but the criteria are it has to be able to
carry 4x8 sheets and long material. The century can carry 3 sheets of ply
and I can carry 16' lumber in it. Haven't found a pickup truck that I can
carry long lumber in other than the avalanche which sucks down fuel like a
3/4 ton truck.

                    I have thought just get something decent and use a
trailer and that's fine but I can't be hauling the trailer all the time. I
often pick up lumber and materials without planning for it and if I don't
have the trailer I'd have to make the drive home to get it... And here that
would often mean a 1 hr round trip just for the trailer. Dunnow but dad has
been looking and he was looking at a neighbors Ford Escape and measuring. A
little shorter inside than the wagon and not sure if it'll haul 4x8 sheets.
             Will keep looking. Oh the century hit 150 K a while back and
while it looks great from 10' you can see the plastic cracking up close and
the interior fading and rotting foam in seats. Sun and heat deteiorate a car
pretty quick here. Not just the stuff you see but it has a big impact on the
drivetrain. Much harder to keep them cool here and drivetrains wear quicker
in 100*+ summer temps here. So 100K on a drivetrain here is more like 200K
on one up north.

                       Robert Adams

              Robert Adams

On Sun, Mar 27, 2011 at 11:30 AM, Mary McCarthy <printces@xxxxxxxxxxxx>wrote:

> I think Cort is on to something with the Caprices.  We had a string of
> company wagons and they are huge, dependable and comfortable.  I'd look for
> one of them.
> Mary, getting ready to celebrate Blazers 24th birthday next month.  I'm
> thinking I'll get his gas gauge fixed for the event <G>
>        Well trying to find a replacement for the 93 century wagon. It's
>> plastic and interior are deteriorating and the drivetrain is going too. 150K
>> is hard on cars here cause of the heat. Not sure what the replacement will
>> be cause there isn't anything that can haul 4x8 sheets of ply or up to 16'
>> boards. Going to be some kind of SUV and GM has little to choose from. May
>> end up being a Fraud of some sort. Chrysler is not an option and definitely
>> not jeep as they are wiring nightmares which is unfortunate as a few fit the
>> criteria.
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