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I put the question about UK rules for spaces "within" numbers to Joe, and
received this response from him:

I've put consideration of this on my TBD list for the British tables. As you
might guess, it's dangerous to throw out spaces using an automatic process
that doesn't really understand the semantics of the text. We might yet need
another kind of "space" for these things ... 

So I don't know whether we'll see this fixed for DBT 10.6.  Certainly we're
more likely to get things right with regard to rule 6.1.6 than with rule
6.1.7.  The latter seems to be applicable only under circumstances that may
be difficult to detect reliably.

- Peter

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"British Braille" Rule 6 - Numbers.
Rules 6.1.6 basically says that while telephone numbers may be spaced in
print, the space should be removed in braille and thus for example 01604
792777 is written "#jafjd#gibggg".
This is further complicated by Rule 6.1.7 where the space should also
removed in "groups" of letters and numbers, for example "HAM 1597".
It appears that 10.5 SR1 resolved the first above, but it broke in SR2 and
is the same in Beta 8.

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