[duxhelp] Re: Sticky embosser settings question

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The long and the short of it is that Christian reported earlier that this
new feature simply doesn't work.

Bob (our tester) had previously reported this to me, but I'd ignored him.

I've been working furiously on this item most of the day.  Better things
shall come in beta 3.  And I'm sorry to have promised you something that's
just not there.

- Peter

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Hi again.  Regarding this:
The Global Embosser Setup dialog has been reworked to cause preferred
document settings to "stick" to each embosser. 
I took that to mean that I could change, say, the characters per line for my
Index from 32 to 31 and that this setting would stick, even if I made some
other embosser the default in the Global Embosser Setup dialog.  However,
this does not seem to be the case.
I also swear I read something recently on this list about this very topic,
but I cannot find it in the list archives.  So if someone wouldn't mind
giving me a shove in the correct direction.... <smile>
Thanks and take care.

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