[duxhelp] Re: Search & Replace revisited

  • From: Susan <chrn3292@xxxxxxx>
  • To: duxhelp@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 26 Apr 2005 20:42:25 -0500

As a source of information, MegaDots is programmed to automatically 
recognize any "word" with www, http, or @ as CBC, and the appropriate 
markup is applied at the time of translation ... it's not necessary to 
mark the word as CBC (equivalent to compinline, or compdisplay if the 
web/e-mail address is the only thing in the paragraph). Would this be 
possible with DBT? And not to be greedy (who me?), it would be cool if 
it could be recognized at the time of importing a Word file ...


George Bell wrote on 4/26/2005, 5:08 PM:

I suspect this is probably going to have to be a future feature request, 
but here goes.

We regularly have to transcribe plain text documents with large numbers 
of e-mail and web addresses.

Applying the compinline Style dozens and dozens of times is a real time 
consuming pain.

Currently we can do series of Search & Replaces in DBT.

Look for ".uk " and replace with ".uk[ee~compinline] " -(note the spaces 
following) Look for "http:" and replace with [es~compinline]http:" Look 
for "e-mail: " and replace with "e-mail: [es~compinline]"

On the other hand, if it were possible to do a search for say, "http" 
and/or "www", or "@", select the whole word/string, and apply the 
compinline Style, it would save us hours of work a month.

Perhaps the nature of our work is unusual, or perhaps there is a better 
way of doing this within DBT itself.

I have potentially worked out a way to do this in Word with a Macro, 

Does anyone else have this issue to deal with?


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