[duxhelp] Re: Search & Replace problem

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  • Date: Tue, 11 Jul 2006 22:14:53 +0100

Could this be shades of an earlier problem?
Look at our exchange of messages with the subject:
"Style/Code placement problem" dated January 23 this year.
Here's a reminder.


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I have been in contact with Don Breda once again about the
problem of a portion of text becoming embedded within a code
box during a search & replace operation.

I completely removed all Duxbury files from my computer and
installed the newest version of 10.6 today, thinking that
somehow there were some corrupted files in my system. It did
not solve the problem. 

Don says he has discussed this problem with you, and
suggests that we may be able to set up a remote system so
that you can control my computer and see if we can duplicate
the problem and get a handle on it.

I know you are just as busy as I am, but if possible let's
try to work out a time that would work for both of us.  My
system is a Dell Optiplex GX 270, with wireless capability
through Inernet Explorer.

Thanks. Johnn Hemphill, Helping Hands Braille Ministries.
(Victor's brother, in case you remember him).


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