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There really hasn't been a change in the way the setup process works.

It is indeed true that the "activation server" location is selected while
running "msiexec /a".  This has been true right along.  So I suppose that
you've just followed the instructions better.  Chances are that you didn't
confuse anybody other than me last time around.  So far nobody else is
looking at multi-user installations seriously.  (We do have some other beta
testers who will -- but they just haven't weighed in yet.)  So my guess is
that most of the list simply tuned out your comments.

I find them valuable, but then I designed the current process.

We've been working on the assumption that we'd follow your "plan B" -- give
a careful set of instructions, with screen dumps and all.  However, your
"plan A" does make some sense too.  I had the feeling that asking questions
about the activation location when doing the actual software installation
would simply confuse end users.  But my perspective is probably tainted by
the (perhaps incorrect) assumption that an IT person would create the
installation image and and end user would generally do the software

I'll be interested in hearing from any and all network administrators on the
validity of my assumption.  Is it instead the case that the IT person
generally sets up the workstation too?

Now that you've been through the "msiexec /a" wringer once, I don't
anticipate that you'll have any more problems specifically related to your
network setup.  Specifically, I believe that the RAID-related issues we had
with DBT 10.5 are a thing of the past.

- Peter

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The network licensing appears to work as outlined in the documentation for
beta 3. This is either due to some work on the installer for this version,
or (more likely) I have followed the steps better. What I noticed this time
is that the location of the license server was determined during the
"msiexec /a" process, and not configurable during the second install. If
this was the way it worked in the last beta, then I apologize for confusing
everyone. For reference, I have attached the install logs from this install.

What I would suggest is a couple of items: First, I would think carefully
about making this dialog available during the network install process so
that the user could change which server to look for licenses from during
this install. If this could switch from server based, to file based it would
be ideal. Second, if switching from server to file based is not possible,
then I would mention this carefully in the network install instructions. I
would also remove the "network assisted"
install section, as that is not possible.

Now that this seems to be working, I will move to a more interesting model
of computer that has RAID arrays and other such interesting things.
Hopefully that does not completely change the environment.

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