[duxhelp] Re: Long-standing bug I keep forgetting to mention

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  • Date: Tue, 15 Mar 2005 11:36:46 -0500


This problem is fixed for the release.  Thanks for pointing it out.

- Peter

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Hi again.  I did not realize that updating SWIFT was an option since I was
under the impression that it was not a Duxbury product.  If you can update
SWIFT, it might be worth removing the "Ignore=All" from the list of DBT
styles in the Style Maps dialog -- or fixing what happens when you choose
this option.  Currently, if you map MyStyle to Ignore=All through SWIFT, I
would assume that I'd be accomplishing this:

        User "MyStyle"
          Ignore = Always

Instead I get this:

        User "MyStyle"
          MappedName = "Ignore = Always"

As a result, the MyStyle text is not ignored and instead is marked up in the
Ignore = Always style.

Take care.

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