[duxhelp] Re: Long-standing bug I keep forgetting to mention

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  • Date: Tue, 15 Mar 2005 16:05:26 -0500


Thanks.  I was able to reproduce it yesterday, but had forgotten that in
this morning's brain fog.  George straightened me out quickly after my

I've since fixed the problem, and Mike is reviewing the code to fix it.

- Peter 

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Peter said:
As far as I can see, you shouldn't have any problem if there are no spaces
in the DBT style names, even if there are spaces in the Word style names. 
That's what I thought, which is why I reported it.  Steps to reproduce:

1.  Launch Word and create a new style called "Chapter Title"
2.  Type some text using the new Chapter Title style 3.  Use SWIFT to map
the style to Duxbury's H1 in dbt.mws 4.  Save the Word document and import
it into Duxbury using a template with which dbt.mws is associated.  I used
Standard Literary Format.
5.  The text you typed in the Chapter Title style will not be formatted in
Duxbury's H1 style -- or any style for that matter.  Just an [l] at the end
of the line written in Chapter Title style 6.  Examine the definition in
dbt.mws.  You will see something like:

# User Defined: 1 styles, 15 March 2005

User "Chapter Title"
  MappedName = "h1"

Compare it to the Built-in Word style "Heading 1" (which contains a space
and maps nicely to Duxbury's H1 style):

BuiltIn "Heading 1"
  MappedName = "h1"
  AggregateForward = IfSameName
  AggregateBackward = IfSameName

The definition looks the same.  AggregateForward and AggregateBackward are
irrelevant to the problem of identifying the Duxbury style name to which the
Word style should be mapped.  But in the spirit of being systematic, edit
the definition in dbt.mws to be:

# User Defined: 1 styles, 15 March 2005

User "Chapter Title"
  MappedName = "h1"
  AggregateForward = IfSameName
  AggregateBackward = IfSameName

Save and close dbt.mws.  Reimport the document.  No change.

Edit dbt.mws again and use Peter's suggestion of adding an underscore so
that Chapter Title becomes Chapter_Title.  This time when you reimport the
document, H1 will be applied as expected.

I hope this clarifies my report.  If not, please let me know.  

Take care.

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