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You raise several issues.

I've corrected the handling of the \overleftrightarrow LaTeX construction in
our importer.  This should make imports of things like "line XY" work much
better.  Our importer simply had a bug.

I've also added handling for the \widehat LaTeX construction, which you use
for things like "arc EFG".  From the name and printed appearance of that
operator, I wonder whether it really is intended for use to indicate an arc.
However, if it is customary in Scientific Notebook to use it for this, we
can support that.  We still have to add one or more rules to the translation
table to finish this job, however.  I'll be talking with Joe about that
later today, and hope to have this resolved before the end of the week.

A few of the other issues you raise are also in the translator.  For
example, you mention that what I call the "short form" of the right arrow
should be used in a contruction for "ray AB".  Is it a truism that the
"short form" should be used whenever it comes immediately after a baseline
indicator?  Or does it depend upon a larger understanding of context?  Also,
spacing around the congruent sign is something that I'll have to discuss
with Joe.  I presume that we should be implementing this rule much as we
have done for the equal sign.

Matrices and data tables are a whole other subject; I don't see making
progress on them in the immediate future.  We're working on a better
formatter from scratch, which will make improvements such as this much

Thanks for having such a detailed look at DBT's math importer & translator.
Your clear and well-distilled examples helped a lot.  I'm sorry that it took
me this long to have a detailed look.

Best Regards,


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Although you have fixed many of my very specific math problems from long
ago, I still don't see fixes for the following.  I've attached a Scientific
Notebook (SNB) file containing the desired math symbols, a file with the
incorrect Nemeth translation in DBT, and a file with the correct Nemeth .

1. Does not translate arcs named with two or three letters. The SNB arc
symbol I used is from the decoration icon on the Math Objects toolbar. This
worked with the original MAVIS LaTeX converter. Are you using something else
for the arc? If so, no one can find it. [Thanks SO MUCH for adding back the
ability to use the decoration icon for absolute value. I did find the
obscure shift of the "\" (that is "|") on the keyboard that worked and told
as many people as I could, but using the decoration icon is much more
intuitive.] 2. Line XY and ray AB are not translating correctly. On the line
XY,  you need to replace the 8th cell with dots 2,4,6 instead of dots 1,4,6.
On the ray AB, you need to use the superscribed arrow barbed at right not
the superscribed arrow dotted at left and barbed at right.
3. When stating one angle or one triangle is congruent to another, no space
is created between the first angle or triangle and the congruent sign.

What can I do to twist your arm regarding translating matrices and data
tables? The MAVIS LaTeX converter was able to do these, and it really was so
very helpful and time-saving.


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