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Actually, it's much easier to create the code in hidden text and then 
create an AutoText entry ... that way you don't have to type the code in 
every time. I'm putting the various codes on menus in the Word BANA 
template ... that updated template will be in the next beta.


George Bell wrote on 4/21/2006, 11:03 AM:

Hi Jan,

Oh were there an easier way! But at least there's a way.

As regards hiding the text, there are two ways I know of, and possibly 
many options and alternatives, I am sure.

1) Highlight the text in question. Go to Word's Format menu and select 
Font. Check the "Hidden Font" box.

2) Create a CHARACTER Style in Word, and under Font, check "Hidden 
Text", then apply the style as required. In my experiments, I have also 
made the font a red colour so that it stands out.

However do take care since under Word's Tools menu, Options, and then 
the View Tab, there is also a show Hidden Text check box, if either 
that, or the "All" box are checked, you will still see the text.

I think it's fair to say that nobody is advocating this as an ideal way 
to Code documents for DBT. However, it is an OPTION, and certainly for 
me, a pretty nifty one. DBT's Word importer has seen many improvements 
over the past year or two, and this just adds a little icing to the 
proverbial cake. You may still need to do the final cake decoration in 
DBT itself.


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tried it it worked it's a lot to type. How do I make it hidden text is 
my next question.

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george@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 4/21/2006 10:13:03 AM >>> Have many others 
tried the Word DBT Code facility yet?


As it stands now, you so long as you enclose the DBT code as above, it 
will be imported from Word to DBT.

It also works if you make that text "Hidden Text" in Word, and therefore 
does not affect the appearance of the Word document.

It would be good to see and hear some feedback, especially as I need to 
write it up for Help.


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