[dokuwiki] Re: WYSIWYG edition?

  • From: Marc-Andre Gaudreau <Marc-Andre.Gaudreau@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 15 Dec 2005 10:22:46 -0500

That's interesting.

User A's browser supports WYSIWYG edition. He clicks on the "edit" button and the WYSIWYG editor is lauched. User B's browser does not support it. He clicks on the "edit" button and is presented with the classical edition interface.

Spinodo - Charles Mougel wrote:
Gina Haeussge a Ãcrit :

but then, it will not be available to any platform/browser...

That is a problem you'd also have with the WYSIWYG components. AFAIK
most if not all of them depend on Javascript (what if it's disabled?),
only focus on fully supporting IE and maybe also Firefox/Mozilla (if
you're lucky even Opera). So you are bound to get into trouble with
those as well if you use some non-mainstream-browser.

Just my 2ct.

Javascript/Browser/OS, etc...
We have websites in flash AND html.
Why not having text-edition AND WYSIWYG edition, in dokuwiki ?
The end-user has the choice.


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