[dokuwiki] Re: How to debug "Unable to download the file: ..." when installing extensions

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  • Date: Mon, 19 Mar 2018 17:10:58 +0100

On 03/19/2018 02:26 PM, Phy (Redacted sender i for DMARC) wrote:

Hi, opps my reply failed sending out before. Please read this issue: https://github.com/splitbrain/dokuwiki/issues/2270#issuecomment-371030712

Thx. from the notes in ticket https://github.com/splitbrain/dokuwiki/issues/2265 (linked from the ticket you mentioned) I understand, that the fix will only be released in a few months. Would such a showstopper issue not be a very good reason for a short-term "hotfix" release? It basically makes many of the functions of the Plugin Manager useless.


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