[dokuwiki] Re: FCKW release 0.3 - wysiwyg even better ;)

  • From: Gijs van Gemert <gijsh@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: dokuwiki@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 23 Jan 2008 21:33:37 +0100

Myron Turner schreef:
> Gijs van Gemert wrote:
>> Spring Pierre schreef:
>>> hi andi,
>>>> Great! I added a page to the wiki:
>>>> http://wiki.splitbrain.org/plugin:fckw
>>> cool. i will try to update it in the future. i meant to wait for a
>>> version 1.0, but what the heck.
>>>> I noticed one thing in the installation docs. You install the FCK
>>>> Editor
>>>> script into lib/scripts. I'd suggest to put it within the plugin
>>>> directory and distribute a single download containing all needed
>>>> scripts. This is was users probably expect and know from other plugins
>>> i didn't know i could include JS directly in the plugin *shame*.
>>> i'll do that asap, thanks for the tip!
>>> greetings.
>>> pierre.
>>> -- 
>>> Liip AG // Rte de la Fonderie 7 // CH-1700 Fribourg
>>> Fon 026 4222511 // Key id 0x5BF5F8FA // www.liip.ch
>> Hello Pierre,
>> Thank you very much for this great addition to Dokuwiki (which is a
>> great system anyway). However, there is some work to do. I see that the
>> editor works fine, ON NEW PAGES. When I try to edit old pages on my
>> site, the pages can  not be found, and figures/images are not presented.
>> Is it necessary, as Myron suggests, to use the latest version of
>> FCKDokuwiki?
>> Gijs van Gemert
> I think this may have happened because you were using my
> DokuWikiFCK.pm before and now Pierre is using his own module called
> DokuWikiFCKW.pm, which is incompatible with my module and a new
> version of the fckw plugin, also currently incompatible with my
> module.    If you want to continue to use figures and graphics, I
> suggest you download version 6 of DokuWikiFCK and update you current
> installation from that;  use the version of the fck plugin which you
> find packaged with DokuWikiFCK, which has been updated from the
> original version .01.
> DokuWikiFCK is at:
>  www.mturner.org/development/DokuWikiFCK_06.tgz
> <http://www.mturner.org/development/DokuWikiFCK_06.tgz>
> I am currently upgrading this and the next version will support
> graphic elements in tables.
> Read the README doc for installation instructions.
> Cheers,
> Myron
Hello Myron, Pierre,

I have been using the editor now for a few days and have written and
edited (together with my non-technical inner circle) a number of pages,
together with uploaading images and files. All goes well, there are a
number of icons/options that don't function optimally (yet :-) ?).
Somehow the editor has to much possibilities for what we need in
dokuwiki. Maybe we need a discussion about relevant options.
But the bottom line is: I am very glad about the editor. It is
efficient, does not disturb non-technical users used to Word etc. I used
it with firefox and IE versions 6 and 7. It works fine, including the
image uploading and inserting.There may still be a lot of technical
fuss, but I see this as a significant advantage for dokuwiki. Thank you
for your work!

Gijs van Gemert
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