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  • From: "Bill Jones" <tetragondzein@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 13 Jul 2006 13:33:49 -0400

On 7/13/06, Terence J. Grant <tjgrant@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

This is because I do all of the "button logic" myself from within the
template based on the "context of the page", see context.php in the
monobook archive. I do this to get that mediawiki "look and feel."

OK. I understand it's a lot of work :) And I did use the monobook template for a few months before I made my mind up about ACH.

Regardless of that though, its changeable in monobook through
$monobook['discussion-location'] = "path";

Great; it's just the different methods caught me a lttle by surprise and that the content was create using a particular method -- not an issue, really.

> mind the few small bugs -- ultimately I'm going to pick a single
> template and stick with it -- so far the ACH model is winning  =)



You might not remember but we sort of talked already about how I
wanted the wiki to look closer to my original site: http://ccsh.us/

But since I didn't know a lot of PHP at the time I was not really
wanting to get in there are mess around monobook to make it closer to
my site.

The ACH template isnt exactly lke my site either but it is a nice
exposure in-between what I wrote and the mediawiki monobook look and
feel without a lot of over head.

Don't get me wrong, your monobok holds true to the values of
mediawiki; it just that when I ran it for a coupe months it was way
more than what I was ever gonna use and -- because complexity
sometimes brings unforseen security issues -- I switched to hacking
the ACH template.

Evryone is an individual in their particular needs.  :-)

I just someone would write a <Perl></Perl> plug-in -- it might make my
life easier -- but then again ...
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