[directmusic] Re: can't list my device

  • From: "Giovanni Rovatti" <giovanni.rovatti@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Fri, 19 Sep 2003 11:52:01 +0200

Hi Dugan,

there's no "emulated" port in the caps viewer list of midi ports, nor in the
list I got from directmusic->EnumPort(..,..) in my application.
I'm using DirectX 8.1.
And I saw the device if I use midiIn and midiOut functions. Actually I saw
the device as USB Speakers in winXP, input and output ports.
What can I do to see the device in DirectMusic? Have I got to do something


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> You should find USB MIDI ports showing up as "emulated" DirectMusic
> ports.  This is because the USB MIDI class driver in Windows doesn't
> expose these devices in a DirectMusic-compatible way, so DirectMusic has
> to talk to them via the legacy midiOut API (which is was "emulated"
> means).
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> Subject: [directmusic] can't list my device
> the device is a usb midi keyboard. it's not listed in the directmusic
> ports
> (directx caps viewer) but it is in the windows control panel sounds and
> multimedia. i can play through it with the media player (and other
> applications) and it works.
> why direct music can't open it? is there anything I can do to use it
> with my
> direct music application?
> thanx
> bye
> gio

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