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  • From: "Jayson Smith" <ratguy@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 11 Nov 2004 01:18:11 -0500

Ok this list has been running for a few weeks now but I thought I'd announce
it here.

Announcing The Blind Apple Users Mailing List!

Hello.  This is Jayson Smith, and I have just started a new mailing
list for the discussion of Apple II computers as used by the blind.
If you don't own or use an Apple but used to, you can share your
memories of the experience.  If you own, or are thinking of
obtaining, an Apple, either just to play around with, or so you can
experience the good ol' days once again, you can use this list to
ask questions and get advice from others.  You can also find out
about how software can be downloaded from the Internet and
transferred from disk images suitable for use with emulators to
real disks which are used on real Apples.  Also, discussion about
accessible Apple emulation is welcomed.
To subscribe to this list, send a message to
blindapple-request@xxxxxxxxxxxxx with the word 'subscribe' in the
subject line.  To unsubscribe, do the same, but instead of
'subscribe', put the word 'unsubscribe' in the subject line.
To send a message to the list, send it to blindapple@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Please feel free to forward this announcement to people, mailing
lists and newsgroups which may be interested in this topic.
Thank you,
Jayson Smith

the DECtalk list.
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