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Hi Matthew
last year I bought the triton LE. I tried the other Triton with the touch 
screen. But I must say it's not accessible for us. You put the finger on the 
screen and you hear bip and bip and bip, but you don't know where you are. The 
problem of the Triton LE (with a normal screen) is its menus. It's built like a 
clock, there is no end. In the sequencer part for example if you're working 
with tracks and you go out, then you must remember where the cursor is staying. 
Many blind musicians say that the Yamaha is more accessible. But the most 
important is the sound of the instrument and it's depending of your music.
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  Hey all.
  I'm curious about people's opinions on the Roland phantom, korg triton and 
yamaha Motif with regards to accessiblility, user friendliness for studio and 
live work, features, sounds and playing quality. I have read that the triton 
has a touch screen which i would assume makes it inaccessible but could someone 
please clarify this.
  I have narrowed my choices of keyboards down to these three and need opinions 
on which is the best.
  Cheers all and thanks in advance.
  Matthew McLaren
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