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OK, having played all three, I lean towards the Motif. The triton is a bear
with the touch screen, but if you can track down a Korg Karma, a Triton LE
or the newer TR61 opr 88, you may have better luck. I have a fantom xr rack
and love the sounds but haven't gotten around the interface, yet. Some have
reported success with the fantom keyboards. So, basically, if you avoid the
tritons with touch screens and look at the karma, triton le or tr, and
compare those to the fantom x series or motif es, then you'll be golden. As
for sounds, that is a purely subjective thing. IN my op[inion, Roland does
great guitars, drums, strings and synth sounds, the pianos are quite nice,
too. Yamaha does excellent pianos, electric pianos, the organs are good,
guitars are good as well. Their synth sounds are pretty good. Korg is not as
good in the realistic instrument department, in my opinion, but their synth
type sounds are incredible. But, again, try them out for yourself, since
your needs and opinions may vary from mine. Most of us have found the Motif
to be quite accessible. Need I also remind you that buying now is a little
risky since in January, most keyboard manufacturers will attend the Namm
show and some may announce new gear. Yamaha is probably going to put out a
new motif, I would be that Korg has a new workstation up its sleeve, and
Roland may have new offerings as well, so if you can wait a bit, you'll
either get word of new gear, or stores will drop the prices on old gear to
move it out for the new stuff.


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Hey all.
I'm curious about people's opinions on the Roland phantom, korg triton and
yamaha Motif with regards to accessiblility, user friendliness for studio
and live work, features, sounds and playing quality. I have read that the
triton has a touch screen which i would assume makes it inaccessible but
could someone please clarify this.
I have narrowed my choices of keyboards down to these three and need
opinions on which is the best.
Cheers all and thanks in advance.
Matthew McLaren
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