[ddots-l] Re: Mising Soft Synths

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  • Date: Sat, 13 Oct 2007 01:33:14 -0400

Do you have the synths in the rack?  If you do, are you geting the missing
plugins dialog from your projects, say when you try to open one that used
any of them?  If so, did you have another rapper like directixer rap them
before, and perhaps now the vst adapter is rapping them or viseversa???If
So, these are normal reasons for this to happen, as different rappers  give
plugins different ids, and so that is why the plugins are missing...


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I've got a real puzzler here. I've just reinstalled Cakewalk 6.2 and the
CakeTalking scripts version 6.2 onto my main production machine due to a
operating system failure.  Now, for whatever reason, I'm missing some soft
synths in the alt+I/Soft synth menu.  I'm also pretty sure some audio
plug-ins may be missing as well though I haven't taken a real count yet.
The missing soft synths include the SFZ player and Session drummer. Yes,
when I re-installed Cakewalk and it's patches, I DID see those particular
synths install. Anyone have a clue of where they might be lurking?? I'm
thinking somehow I need to reimport them into the system, though I'm not
sure of the procedure for this.

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