[ddots-l] Mackie mixers

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  • Date: Mon, 6 Mar 2006 11:07:34 -0800 (PST)

Hi Folks,

I was out of town and just returned to catch up on
postings about Mackie mixers.  A really good book that
covers many of them including all the ones mentioned
in the posts is:

Mackie Compact Mixers by Rudy Trubitt.  

It is good at not only explaining the workings of
Mackie mixers but also mixers in general. 
Additionally, I've written to him at his web site and
he wrote back thanking my for compliments about his
book and said I should write back if I had questions.

His web site is at:


Also,  Mackie is located just North of where I live in
Seattle.  One woman who is a key player in web
accessibility lives here in Seattle and her husband
works there.  If folks aren't getting accessible pdfs
from them I could pass along requests through her.
[She is out on maternity leave at the moment so that
might take a month or two.]

As a sighted user I can see that one major
inaccessible aspect of their mixers is in the line
level set up instruction.  It has you set a few
buttons and watch for the LED lights to be at a
certain level.

This too touches upon that other person's post about
tuners with their visual cue for being in tune.

Perhaps the workaround for each of these is some
sensor that would sit atop the desired led light and
then audibly chime to indicate that it has been

My Korg guitar tuner has not only a needle meter but
also a two red triangle lights to indicate sharp or
flat.  Other tuners I've used have multi-color

If the manufacturer can send a signal to a light when
a note is sharp, flat, or on pitch (or too high in the
case of a peak meter) then that same signal could be
routed to something else.  I'd imagine the best
solution for the tuner would be an earphone output
jack so that the tone wouldn't interfere with tuning.

Doug Hayman 

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