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What Da Hzzy!
Driza aka Drizabizeats
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Subject: [MoAccess] Drizas motif es mix mode&tips tutorial!!

What's up once again peoples?  Driza coming out real quick!!  Just letting 
ya'll know that I have done another motif es tutorial!!  This one is on Mix 
mode and tips!!  In this tutorial I show and tell a few things, 1. how to 
adjust the volume and panning, reverb   and chorus sen amount as well as how to 
choose instruments another way in the mixing mode, as well as doing these same 
functions in the menu's as well as with the knobs and slider's!!  Plus thee are 
a few other tricks and tips included!!  Pretty basic, simple, nothing complex 
at all!! Ya'll know the deal!!  if you want it, hit me up at my email  
driza97@xxxxxxxxxxxxx and I'll you send it to you!!  lol!! yep!!  p.s B.Smart?  
you going to have to hit me up or something because these joints still not 
uploading on the mo access site!!  it keeps saying something about session 
expired every time I hit the upload button and wait about 20 minutes!!  I'm on 
d.s.l, but don't know what speed though!!  Driza out!! peace!!
What Da Hzzy!
    Driza aka Drizabizeats

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