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Hi, Gordon,
Your Sound Max card may not be technically incompatible with SONAR but it is
definitely not a good choice.  You want to dedicate a low-latency audio
interface for use with SONAR.  If you have a firewire port on your new
system, consider something like the Presonus Firebox.  I understand that the
firewire port should be based on the T I (Texas Instruments) flavor of
firewire for best results.
I don't know if the following instructions will help with your install under
Vista, but I do know that they should under XP.  Give them a try and let us
know how things turn out.
Check the following: 
Control Panel | Sounds and Audio Devices 
CONTROL+TAB to Audio Tab 
Make sure that Sound Playback Default and Sound Recording Device are
pointing at your low-end soundcard for JAWS speech.   
Tab to Always Use Default Devices and check it. 
Tab to Apply button and press SPACE Bar. 
Even with this properly set, you may have to unload and restart jaws once
you start up to your desktop before running SONAR.  Or you can remove the
Start JAWS First option (see Options | Basics and tab to this option and
uncheck it) and load JAWS with a hotkey after PC boots. To disable the "Run
JAWS First" option, press INSERT+J or possibly INSERT+F11, J to bring JAWS
to the foreground, see Options | Basics and tab to this option and uncheck

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I'm totally new to Sonar Producer and the scripts so please bear with me.
I have a new PC with a dual XP and Vista boot. Can anyone advise me of the
1. Can I put Sonar on both partitions?
2. Most Important answer required: I have Sonar on Vista partition. I also
have a Sound Max internal soundcard with quite a number of channels )I think
for different speaker formations). When I load up Sonar it appears to
disable this card for use in Sonar. Is this normal or is my soundcard
incompatible. I also have an Alesis Multimix usb2 mixer and a Zoom H4 which
both can be interfaced with Sonar. I understand that these latter 2 devices
are better to use with Sonar but I would at times like to use my internal
soundcard. I've played around a bit with the Audio settings in Sonar, but as
yet can't get any sound out of the program. 
Is any help or advice available?
Gordon McFarlane

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