[ddots-l] Re: Data DVD for Sonar projects

  • From: "George Bell" <george@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sat, 22 Apr 2006 16:10:03 +0100

Hi Joey,
I've just visually looked at my Sonar 6, so hopefully yours
will come up the same.
If you open the File menu, and select New, a Dialog pops up
called "New Compilation".
At this point, the focus is on an icon called "CD-ROM
(ISO)".  You can use the down arrow key to move down to
"Audio CD", "Mixed Mode CD", etc..
However, if I shift + Tab, I am taken to a list box, where
there are basically two choices, "CD" or "DVD".  Arrow up or
down and select DVD, then tab to return to the previous list
of icons, where first on my list is "DVD-ROM (ISO)".  Again
you can arrow up and down the list to make your choice of
If I then tab, I am taken into the "Multi-Session" dialog,
which is one of six tabs, which are Info, Multi-session,
ISO, Label, Dates, Misc and Burn.
If I tab two or three times, I find myself on the
"Multi-session" tab title, where I can then left and right
arrow to select one of the six tabs.
I hope this is helpful, but apologies if I've covered well
known ground for you.


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I can do just about anything in Nero, but, when I want to
make a data DVD of my Sonar projects, I have to get a
sighted person to switch my Nero start smart from CD to DVD.
Can some one tell me how I can access this function for my

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