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Hi guys: This is Robert Hall of Truecut Productions, I don't chat much on the list but I do observe important topics and issues: I have been using a twelve channel Behringer mixer since 1999 and it has never been serviced, the quality is equivalent to the "Mackey"

: hope I spelled it correctly, my point is, both the Behringer and the Mackey are both made of high quality state of the art hardware, but Behringer is just less expensive. I have attached two pages from my manual for anyone who may be interested in knowing what the Behringer is made of. But it is in my opinion vary accessible. I can listen to my vocals being recorded with effects on them in Sonar anytime by, simply pressing the input echo on/off button.

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Hi Gudrun,

Here's my two cents worth. I bought a Beringer 24 Channel Eurodesk in 1999 which I am still using. I've turned out a number of very good sounding albums on it. In seven years, it's only needed servicing twice, for fairly minor issues. I also used an inexpensive four Channel Beringer for a while and the quality and accessibility was excellent. You really can't go wrong with either a Beringer or aMackey. Good luck!


Ross Wine-Sky

Blind Luck Music

1708 21st Ave., Suite453

Nashville,TN 37212



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