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  • Date: Fri, 17 Oct 2008 15:56:05 +0200

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>    Clive Bonsall <cbonsall@xxxxxxx> wrote:
> > Clive Bonsall wrote:
> > > The Insert Page Number macro places an Arabic numeral(s) at the caret.
> > > Is there a way to insert Roman numerals (lower case), other than
> > > manually?
> > I should have said that this relates to OP and OPW. However, since there 
> > have been no replies, I guess the only way is to insert the Roman 
> > numerals manually.
> After you posted, I did have a search around for a Roman Numeral TrueType
> font, but even though a zillion places showed up in the search results,
> not a one actually had a Roman numeral font.
> Dave S
How would such a font be useful? In a manner of speaking 'every' font has
roman numerals. If a font had them in place of the 1-9 range it would work
only in that range, You couldn't just type 3754 and get a correct roman
number (IIIVIIVIV is rubbish).

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