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I think that is often referred to as "a used car salesman".I feel bad for the actual used car sales people.
I always buy my cars from a young guy here who had challenges but managed to build himself quite a respectful used car sales business. I have bought my last two cars from him.

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There are certain kinds of voices and ways of speaking that just communicate that the person is trying to take advantage of you in one way or another.,,,


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 "Neider me," as my francophone friends would say.

There's a guy in this area who has gotten a lot of attention lately with his videos about life around here, but I can't stand listening to him either and have made it through maybe one of his videos: Quick Dick McDick. Apparently he's quite entertaining but ... I can't take the "noise."

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I couldn't stand his voice. I didn't even last a full minute listening to him.

I'd rather read the Wirecutter...


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