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Me too. All my other dish scrubbers are exactly as you describe Scott. Yucky! I don't know if our various dollar stores will carry them, but here, even though their names are slightly different, they seem to carry a lot of the same merchandise.

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Hey! I need one of those. Will be visiting the store soon!


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If and when anyone goes to the Dollar Store (Dollar Tree, specifically, although maybe at the others?) and you're in the kitchen section, and you see a silicone scrubby that looks like this:


Get it.  You and your dishes will be so happy.

I used to use sponges with a sort of soft-ish steel-wool-ish substance on one side, or sometimes those tomato-sized things made of plastic wire, to remove stuff from dishes when doing them by hand. They work great... for a couple of dishes, and then stuff starts to accumulate in the steel-woolish stuff, or the plastic tomato gets all slimy and gucky, and so on. The sponges are too disgusting to use within a few days to maybe a week (if it's been a slow week). The plastic things work longer, but they get greasy super quick and are overall just unpleasant.

Not those silicone scrubbies! Holy Cow no. That scrubby above? I've been using that scrubby, without cleaning it, for WEEKS. I just yanked it off my sink top and took a picture right now. Didn't even rinse it.

Nothing sticks to it. NOTHING. It's not super abrasive - it's not steel wool - but it's abrasive enough. Those little nubbies on there really do take gunk off the dishes, but the gunk doesn't stick to the nubbies! And it doesn't even get greasy. I bought it months ago, and, yes, I have run it through the dishwasher, but mostly because I feel like I should, and never because I feel like I actually have to. It always looks and feels new, like I just took the wrapper off of it, even after an intense session with my instant pot liner.

One dollar.  So totally worth it I can't even.


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