[dba] Re: Favourite Freeware Software

  • From: Rush676@xxxxxx
  • To: databaseaudio@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 4 Apr 2002 17:53:49 EST

for final mixes(b4 cd)I like Endorphin(digitalfishphones.com) for reverb i 
tend to use the freeverbs I,II and delay Blueline(it's a demo I think) with 
all the most used effects ie.chorus,flange delay etc. I bought the dba 
(dbaudioware.com)set multiband limiter,master limiter and dynamics processor 
as a bundle for $99 and AIPL warm tone for around $65 because I wanted my 
music to sound as good as it did coming off my vestax 10 year old tape 
multitrack.Endorphin is as close as I've gotten to that soundthe same author 
has a new freeware called Dominion which sounds interesting just released in 
the last couple of daysother freeware:midget3 midi sequencer cool96 audio 
editorHammerhead rythym sequencer sort of like the x0x RolandsWavelab lite 
came with my Audigy but I like creative's audio editor better.Quartz audio-I 
haven't really messed with it much limited Audacity to name a few

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